Coupure is founded by Charlotte Macke.

Coupure creates essential basics that instrument fun using only the highest quality deadstock silk saved from landfill.

Charlotte had an earlier fashion career designing for a high street supplier. This experience gave her a huge insight for the fashion industry, working hard to fix  the fast demands and trends that overall challenged her ethics and sustainable values.

Stepping out of the high-street a new challenge and path was set in creating a womenswear brand with a close friend. SEN WYE was born. This was a fantastic opportunity where by Opening Ceremony stocked SEN WYE for 5 seasons.

The last 16 years of design, production and business knowledge have helped  route Coupure, highlighting a demand for a fun sustainable essentials brand. Each piece, simply applied with Coupure's signature details and bright colours using upcycled silks.