Simone pink eyemask
Simone pink eyemask

Simone pink eyemask

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"Sleep happily tonight, you saved me from “landfill”


The Simone eye mask in pink with contrast gold is the perfect addition to your night-time beauty routine. Silk fibers ensure that moisture remains locked into your skin whilst you sleep at night, helping reduce fine lines and dark circles. Artificial light is blocked out, which aids sleep and supports the internal biological "body clock"that regulates our sleep- wake patterns. 


Made using 100% reclaimed silk satin

The silk for this eyemask has been saved in London, it was then lovingly put together by a team of badass female machinists in London which makes it carbon footprint from sourcing fabric to finish product slim to none

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Garment care:

Silk is a beautiful, luxurious fabric so it's worth taking a few measures to care for it...

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Cool handwash only with delicate detergent 

Do not dry in direct sunlight. Use a towel to soak up the moisture, do not rub or agitate the item.

Only iron on the reverse